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With the excellent benefits we’ve gained and continue to gain from today’s technology and internet, being able to reach out and communicate with people from different parts of the world has never been this convenient. As a result, international dating was made possible, and many single individuals from every continent have considered this as an option to find love.

What makes international dating an exciting experience is the opportunity to encounter a whole new different culture, to try out a new language, to visit magnificent places, and to meet people with a unique history. What’s even more thrilling is the thought that the love of your life could actually be all the way from another country. Not only is it an exciting experience you’ll get to try but it will also be one that you’ll surely cherish for the rest of your life!

The fact that a lot of single men and women have relied on the existence of online dating, numerous dating websites continue to fill the internet, within reach of any person who has access to it. And because there are so many of these websites, a number of people find it difficult to select a particular one that they can trust. You have to keep in mind that you’ll be sharing personal and private information, and it’s scary to think who else might have access to that information and what they would do with it.

Nowadays, two of the most popular and visited websites for Russian dating service and matchmaking are Craigslist and Saint Petersburg Women. Even though both of these sites contribute to the same goal, the services offered vary from each other, especially with regards to the safety and confidence of the individuals who decide to share their personal information over the internet.

Therefore we will compare the difference of the services provided by the aforementioned websites. This is so that our valued members and other fellow single men and women may be aware of what they’re getting into, should they prefer to avail of the services from either of these two sites.

What Is Craigslist?

Craigslist is a famous online advertisement company founded by Craig Newmark. Aside from its popular usage as an online dating site, it also specializes in services catering to online selling, housing, jobs, and many more. Its online personals category is one of the most visited sections of the entire site, used by a great number of single individuals as a platform to find a connection with other single men and women who are interested in dating.

It is a fact that many couples who met through Craigslist have had successful relationships. As a result, these couples have shared their experiences and left positive reviews about the site. But we can’t also ignore the fact that there are also various negative comments and feedbacks from other people. The unfortunate thing is that Craigslist hasn’t been able to address these concerns, hence affecting its standing in the line of online dating websites, making its way to the bottom.

Personals Are Random

To a point, Craigslist has a certain shortcoming when it comes to having its own hostname. This therefore results to an invitation for scammers to commit identity fraud and steal your private or personal information, or who knows what other worse things they’re capable of doing.

The personals that are posted on their site have not been personally screened for the users to identify with. And what happens is a lot of random individuals will take their chances in using false identities to try to victimize other people. Not only are your personal and private information at risk but your life as well.

Profiles Are Not Verified

As mentioned, Craigslist fails in the department of being able to screen and verify the individuals who wish to become members on their site. That and not even having the proper utilization of linking the member profiles to the personal social media accounts make it even more dangerous for other users to trust in the services that the website has to offer. With scams happening everywhere these days, it is always the best option to be safe when availing of different services provided over the internet.

Meetups Are Not Secured

Knowing that Craigslist doesn’t personally screen and verify its personals, it will be more of a risk for individuals who will engage in meeting up in person. The chances of meeting a scammer are very high, and you will never know what cruel intentions these people have in mind.

Due to these facts, many users have withdrawn their personal accounts in order to preserve their safety and security.

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