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Our Executive Matchmaker Plan is a highly personalized, intense matchmaking service for men who are extremely motivated to quickly find the beautiful woman who is right for them to share their life with. This plan engages our worldwide staff at the highest level and provides you with your own, experienced lead matchmaker whom you will work with personally throughout the entire process of finding that special lady.

That said, there are a number of professional matchmakers out there, ourselves included, who are going to claim that they are the best of the best, that their service is going to get you results, and that their knowledge and experience in the singles industry is simply unmatched. Even with all the highly regarded options that are available to you, only you can determine the FACTS. So before hiring a matchmaker to help you find love, make sure to do your research and see which matchmaking service will give you the most value, dedication, and commitment. When making a life-changing decision such as this, you’ll need the right people to support you in your journey.

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  • Extensive Reputation: Established in 1995 and based in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), AFA Singles Network is literally the most experienced (27 years) and reputable custom international matchmaker available to you boasting literally hundreds of engagements and marriages year after year. While experience is proof of little, longevity is only achieved with success and a solid reputation.
  • Unmatched International Infrastructure: Over 27 years, we have developed a worldwide infrastructure that, without argument, is unmatched by any other marriage agency anywhere. Our firm currently operates 18 corporate owned offices over four continents to include North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  • Expert Matchmaker Specialists: You will be assigned your own personal lead matchmaker specialist who will work with you intently to coordinate and execute your search. These lead specialists are not only skilled in the matchmaking process, but the cultures and customs of the regions that you are directing your search. However, these lead specialists are also supported by literally hundreds of regional support staff all over the world. No matter where you are searching or traveling, it is highly likely that we have regional support staff to guide and assist you through the ENTIRE process of finding your future lifemate!
  • FREE Detailed Consultation:: All potential clients are entitled to a FREE detailed consultation at our offices, your home or via Skype/Zoom virtual call. This gives you the opportunity to fully understand the entire process, meet your matchmaker specialist and decide if our services are right for you. There is no cost or obligation whatsoever (with the exception of any travel costs that may be incurred).
  • Results Driven Program: Performance is a priority for us. Our program is intense and focused on expeditious success tailored to your needs and desires. With nearly 50,000 interested participants (our service is often free for qualified ladies) who are screened by our worldwide staff, narrowing your search down to only the most qualified candidates can happen fairly quickly. While every client is different, typically you will have narrowed your search to your top 5 to 10 potential lifemates within 90 to 120 days. THEN, it's time to actually MEET them with the assistance of our staff. We take care of all the logistics!
  • Surprisingly Affordable: If you are serious about achieving your romantic goals, you have likely already explored many options. Perhaps you have tried other (often expensive) high-end options without success and you are seeking a hands-on custom matchmaker to get some results for you and expedite your goals. Considering the facts and resources that we outline here of our global matchmaking network, we think that you will find our professional matchmaker costs and terms very surprisingly affordable when compared to other top matchmaking agencies. You clearly don't have to be a millionaire to engage our services. Far from it. And the best part is, it's free to explore our customized services in detail to see if our executive program is right for you. YOU are always in control as you investigate which is your best matchmaker option. The ONLY surprises we offer are PLEASANT surprises!
  • Use the links on this page to explore in detail all of the features and costs of our Executive Matchmaking Program and all aspects of your journey to find lifetime love!

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