How To Manage Your Budget in Russia

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Spending a lot of time with a Russian woman doesn’t mean spending a lot of money.

When you seek Russian women for marriage, you’re most likely to succeed if you actually travel to Russia. But that comes at a cost.

There are certain expenses that are unavoidable when you need to travel to a different country. Obviously, tickets for trains, planes, or ferries are unavoidable and are all going to take their slice out of your Russian travel budget. Not to mention there’s the food you’re going to need to eat while you’re over there, the little trinkets you’ll undoubtedly pick up. You might get away with getting free accommodations if you’re staying with someone, but most travellers are going to end up forking over money for a hotel.

All in all, even a brief trip can be quite costly and that’s without factoring in the dating. Many Russian women have cultural expectations that men will be the providers, which means that it’ll be on you to pay for pretty much everything.

So you’re not going to want to go too crazy with money. Sure, you may want to let loose with your finances and open your wallet up a little bit, but it’s not a good idea to go too crazy. No matter how many reward points or airline miles your credit card gets you with each use, it’s not a good idea to blow out your savings when you’re in a foreign country.

Why You Should Set A Budget

Planning ahead is a great way to have a great time and when it comes to travelling to Russia, planning out your Russia travel budget is one of the most fundamental, but also most important, things you can do to plan your trip. You’re going to want to have as good a time as possible, but you also don’t want to have to deal with debt that might stick with you for years.

How To Stay Within A Budget

Now that you know why setting a budget is important, it’s time to understand how to do that. You may be tempted to just get the cheapest of everything; hotel, flight, and whatnot. This is a mistake. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s got great value. Not to mention that you’re going to want to be comfortable as well.

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Dating in Russia can be costly, but you can manage those costs.
  • Book A Package
  • If you want to get the best value that you can possibly get, then your best bet is to book a package. You’ll get everything; airfare, accommodations, tours, and meals. You pay one fee and that fee is often lower than if you bought all the elements separately.

    Booking a package also takes a lot of the planning out of the equation. Because everything is pre booked, you won’t have to go around thinking about things that you need to do and you won’t run out of things to do while you’re on vacation.

    Packages offer value when it comes to quality as well. You’ll get a comfortable seat, which will be needed for the transatlantic flight to take you to Russia, and a good hotel room, which you’ll need after a long day of dating Russian women.

  • Search Out Value
  • If booking a package isn’t something that you want to do, then you need to find the best possible value. Booking a cheap hotel and a cheap flight will only result in you being uncomfortable and tired, neither of which will help you in the romance department.

    The hotel room is of particular importance. You don’t need five-star accommodations, but you should get a cozy bed and a clean room so you can get a good night of sleep. The same principle applies to airplane tickets. You’ll want a good seat to keep that you can sit in for a few hours at a time.

  • Plan Dates Ahead of Time
  • There’s some expectation in Russian culture for a man to be the provider. It’s one of the things to know about Russian culture that you need to know.

    This means that if you date a Russian woman, she might expect you to pay for everything. Sure, some of them might go Dutch, but you’ll be expected to handle the bill most of the time. It might not seem like the most egalitarian of things, but it’s part of how to please a Russian woman.

    So it’d be best for you to scout the places in Saint Petersburg that you’ll be taking your woman to. You’re going to want to know how much things cost so you’ll know how much money to allocate for dates for when you’re in the country.

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Don’t go overboard when dating women in Russia.
  • Research The Cost of Items
  • By the same token as above, you should also figure out how much things cost in Russia. Most guys generally get their girls gifts, little trinkets that are supposedly symbolic of their affection. So you’ll want to look up how much things cost in the country and what sort of sales tax you’ll be expected to pay so you can set aside money so you can buy a few things for the women in Russia that you’ll be dating.

  • Have A Cushion
  • Even if you’ve allocated money for your airfare, accommodations, dates, souvenirs and general dating in Russia, you should still set aside money for a rainy day. The thing is that a rainy day can hit you even when you’re on your vacation. So make sure you have a decent cushion, a few hundred dollars or enough to call someone for help if things ever go sideways.

  • But Remember You’re On Vacation
  • At home, you may have conservative spending habits. You may be the kind of person that keeps track of every bit of money you spend down to the last cent. You may feel a compulsion to take note of every little expenditure.

    But you’re on vacation. So it might do you some good to loosen your purse strings a little bit. Don’t go overboard with your spending, but don’t think about how close you are to the bottom of your budget. Be aware of it, but don’t think about it too much.

Having a set budget means being able to have a good time, but a good time within reason. Go overboard too fast and you’ll spend the rest of your trip pinching pennies. Be too cautious all throughout and you’ll end up wishing you had cut loose more.

So set a Russia travel budget, one that’s enough to last a whole trip but also enough that you can cut loose and have a little fun. After all, the point of your trip is to have fun and for that fun to be with someone.

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