Does Intelligence Matter to Russian Women?

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Russian women are known to be extremely intelligent. | Photo by La Miko on Pexels

What is the role of gender in intelligence?

This type of issue has sparked plenty of theories and discussions about the important relationship between gender and intellect.

While people have different perspectives on the subject based on their personal observations, these statements are merely opinions and lack justification.

A study conducted in the Journal of Social Psychology in 2013 concluded the discrepancy in gender roles and other estimates of multiple intelligences. The researchers discovered that,

“Males estimated their general IQ slightly, but mathematic IQ significantly higher than females, who rated their social and emotional intelligence higher than males.”

Normally, women find intelligence appealing, particularly when it isn’t forced or fabricated. The notion that men are capable of possessing such a quality is pleasing to women.

Russian women, for example, are considered to be highly intelligent and sociable. In essence, they want to meet men who are intellectual equals, whether they are fellow citizens or foreigners they meet on the best free online dating sites.

With this in mind, Russian ladies are interested in the possibility of finding a match through online dating, given their desire to find a compatible partner with whom they can settle down.

On a side note, wouldn’t it be great to find yourself with someone who shares your intellectual interests? Without a question, everybody wishes to meet someone who is intelligent in a variety of ways.

It’s normal to want to be with someone who is both attractive and intelligent. However, to gain a deeper understanding of such things, investigate the types of intelligences that can assist you in securing potential relationships.

Intelligence Types That Foster Long-Term Relationships

1. Interpersonal Intelligence

When we meet anyone for the first time, it’s not hard to get along and speak with them as though you’ve known each other for a long time.

Interacting with others is an advanced form of interpersonal intelligence.

One of the benefits of possessing this kind of intelligence is the ability to adapt to a new world. Furthermore, this means that someone has a high intelligence when they are able to maintain positive relationships with others.

This form of intelligence is now needed in most relationships because it is how people deal with difficult circumstances. Conflict, as we all know, is unavoidable. It can come out of nowhere at times.

Rather than giving your partner the silent treatment, talk about it — appropriately and sensibly — whether or not they are able to talk about it themselves.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Two intelligent people are needed for a successful relationship. Emotional maturity, on the other hand, is a significant aspect of all romantic relationships and is one of the signs of high intelligence.

Furthermore, emotional intelligence is essential in intimate relationships and how people can use it to protect their relationship, increase connectedness, stay in touch, and develop a love that lasts.

How do you deal with your emotions?

Do your feelings play a role in your decision-making?

Is your partner able to assess your emotional stability?

Clearly, people cannot answer any of these questions at the same time. Regardless, emotional intelligence supports everyone in achieving a fulfilling life and a happy relationship.

According to experts, emotional intelligence outweighs interpersonal intelligence, while academic experience improves performance in most areas.

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One of the qualities people look for in a partner is high intelligence. | Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

3. Academic Intelligence

The majority of people believe that educational institutions are the primary sources of intellectual people. Formal education and training take place under the direction of professors who specialize in various fields.

Individuals enrolled in top colleges and universities, such as Saint Petersburg University in Russia, naturally spend more time researching concepts and hypotheses before the time comes for application.

It is self-evident that if you work hard, you have a good chance of graduating with honors and gaining appreciation for your natural intellectual abilities.

And in these modern days, a lot of people consider themselves sapiosexuals. These are people who find intelligence attractive and arousing.

Three Insightful Characteristics of Successful Relationships

  • Fair Discernment

Intelligent people are considered to have greater emotional control. They never even let a speck of bias color their view of the events that occur in their relationship.

Disinterest, distrust, and preconceived beliefs seem to overflow in romantic relationships that lack understanding and empathy.

As a result, partners must be intelligent in order to be more aware of one another.

  • Self-Dependence

Prior to achieving self-dependence, knowledge is used as a powerful method to objectively understand and evaluate the value of each piece of information, and valuable information determines beneficial outcomes.

Thus, knowledge forms people’s trust in practicing their own judgment and methods of overcoming shortcomings, coping with people, and making difficult decisions that affect their relationships with their partners.

Take note: Having strong mental skills boosts self-dependence.

  • Conflict Resolution

It is normal to have disagreements with your partner. It is unlikely for a couple not to ever have a dispute over anything. This discord, however, will not last unless both partners know how to overcome it in a healthy way.

Essentially, knowing how to stop confrontation is one of the best ways to settle it. People become more understanding of one another as a result of empathy. When intelligent people empathize, they are better at perceiving another person’s thoughts and needs.

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Women find intelligence as attractive as physical appearance. | Photo by Nadezhda Diskant on Pexels

Intellectual Harmony Strengthens Successful Relationships

People should not overlook the fact that knowledge isn’t the backbone of relationships, but it does help improve the chances of making a long-term commitment, even in the sense of online dating.

It may take a long time for some people to accept that intellectual compatibility exists in relationships, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to achieve.

People’s natural intelligence in relationships should not be underestimated because it is a great move toward acquiring other essential intelligence that results in a lifetime commitment.

You might only have interpersonal intelligence right now, but you can eventually develop emotional and academic intelligence. It could also work the other way.

You can always arrive at your destination — unending love — as long as you’re willing to move regardless of speed.

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