Singles Tour Essentials | What to Bring When Meeting a Russian Woman

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The world is full of Russian women to love, so find one for you.

The internet has been a boon for a lot of lovelorn people. While the days of pining away unrequitedly for a romantic relationship are not completely gone, there are now ways to meet women even from the unlikeliest of places like Russia.

Not that finding a Russian woman to date is going to be a mere walk in the park, but it’s a lot easier now compared to when online dating sites were still nonexistent. But as William Shakespeare once wrote, the course of true love never did run smooth. So expect a couple of bumps in the road when you’re trying to date someone from a different country.

Obviously, distance is going to be the main factor. Because the ancient supercontinent Pangea decided to split itself up, there have been different landmasses on the planet. This means that literal oceans can separate a man from the Russian woman of his dreams.

But here at St. Petersburg Women, we believe that Russian beauty should not stay hidden from the world. We also believe that distance should never stifle or hinder any man from pursuing his romantic fantasies. That belief is where our world-famous singles tour stemmed from.

Of course, signing up for such a tour isn’t just about showing up at the airport. This is an overseas trip and a first date rolled into one, so you’re going to have to pack and prepare for both of those things if you’re serious about finding Russian women for marriage.

  • Paperwork
    The single most important thing to have ready is your passport. Good luck getting past customs and on to a plane without one. But your passport may also need a bit of extra paperwork. Some countries require that their visitors present visas in order to enter their borders.
  • A Great Outfit
    Most people who travel pack comfortable clothes. Because they have a limited amount of space in their suitcase, they can’t exactly pack their entire wardrobe. This means that the available options for putting together a killer outfit are going to be more limited than normal.
    The best thing to do is to pack a great first date outfit or two and a bunch of regular, day-to-day clothes. If you’re worried about space, using packing cubes can help you maximize the storage space of most commercially available suitcases.
  • Grooming Supplies
    Getting a little relaxed is perfectly fine when traveling. In fact, being relaxed and not being on edge is advised for most dating scenarios. Relaxing and slacking off are two completely different things though. So maybe bring stuff like shaving cream and razor to stay well-groomed.
    Sure, the hotel you’re staying in might provide those things, but it’s best to bring your own in case they skimp on the amenities.
  • Toiletries
    Supplies like toothbrushes and toothpaste are available everywhere and even a budget hotel will have fresh ones on hand for their guests. Still, it’s not an unwise move to pack your own.
  • Go the Extra Mile
    A first date isn’t like any other date. There’s a novelty to it and it’s about putting your best foot forward. So pack some aftershave and some cologne. Making a good first impression isn’t just about the right outfit, it’s also about smelling good.
    Now, you can bring your own cologne. If not, most airports have duty free shops that sell a variety of affordable colognes from high-end brands, so smelling good on the first date shouldn’t be a problem.

The perks of dating Slavic women are many and varied. But indulging in those perks is not going to come easy.

In the end, dating a foreigner while on a singles tour is just like dating anyone else. Except that you’re doing it thousands of miles away from home and this time, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful Russian women.

The distance from your normal comfort zone may present a complication, but it may be a small price to pay. So sign up for a singles tour and find that Russian bride that you’ll build a life with.

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