ADA Information and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

Over 25 years our company has successfully provided special assistance for numerous clients with modest to severe disabilities. If you have a disability and need assistance in any way we highly encourage you to call our corporate office at (602) 553-8178. We are more than happy to help you. Our normal office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM PST Monday through Friday.

We have made a special effort to make our website ADA compliant and as friendly as possible to those with disabilities. We will continue to do so as technologies and practices evolve.

Below we are listing some tools and browser extensions that we have found to be potentially helpful to those with disabilities. If you are aware of any useful tools for the disabled that we do not list here, please contact us so that we can consider adding them here.

Chrome Browser Extension and Tools

ChromeVox Classic Extension Screen Reader

The ChromeVox Classic Extension screen reader is an extension to Chrome that brings the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome to visually impaired users.ChromeVox Classic Extension was designed to enable access to modern web apps, including those that utilize W3C ARIA (Access to Rich Internet Applications) to provide a rich, desktop-like experience. This extension specifically works within the Chrome browser to read content aloud. For more comprehensive solutions, we recommend the use of full system screen readers like ChromeVox on Chrome OS, VoiceOver on Mac, JAWS, NVDA or Narrator on Windows, etc.

Mozilla Firefox Browser Extension and Tools

NV Access Screen Reader

The NVDA screen reader can be downloaded free of charge by anyone.

Android Phones

"TalkBack" Screen Reader

"TalkBack" is a feature built into newer versions of Android OS.

"Select to Speak"

You can select items on your screen and hear them read or described aloud with Select to Speak for Android.

iOS - iPhones

For detailed information and disability assistance and access for iPhone

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