Why More Russian Women Are Turning to Speed Dating

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Here’s why you should consider meeting
Russian women through a speed dating event.

In truth, most women prefer serious, long-term relationships. As such, it’s a good thing that speed dating exists for those who are too busy to go on actual dates, and that it works for some.

As long as you know how to navigate your way into this kind of dating scene, you won’t have much trouble finding a suitable match. What’s amazing is that many Russian women are attending speed dating events more than ever. The following are some reasons as to why that is so:

1. It’s quick.

Compared to real-time dates where you will need to dedicate at least an entire evening with someone, speed dating will only take a few minutes per person. It’s basically the same, but minus the number of hours.

Admit it, a few hours spent getting to know someone whom you may not have chemistry with can be agonizing; even more so if the date turns out disastrous, which is why women in Russia now have an eye for this kind of arrangement.

One of the speed dating rules to take note of is that each meeting or setup shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes. Most dating companies even encourage pairs to meet and chat for 5 minutes max, which is enough to make first impressions. Most Russian ladies are marriage-minded, so even at such events, they prefer to interact with a potential life partner, not with someone who is only looking for a casual hookup.

Somehow, within those short minutes, it can be enough to identify if someone is worth a shot or not. There are some ideal speed dating questions you can throw to engage someone’s intentions and sincerity, and in that short conversation you can determine if a serious relationship is something you both want.

2. It’s fun, real, and safe.

It’s basically like online dating, except women and men meet each other in real life. Russian girls would gladly take this opportunity instead of having to meet dozens of incompatible matches over the internet. It’s one thing to virtually connect with single ladies through various dating apps, and it’s another to meet them in person.

After all, the purpose of these apps is to assist individuals who are looking for love. While you may have a lot of women to chat with online, you will ultimately have to decide meeting them face to face, especially if your goal is to be in a serious, long-term relationship.

Speed dating events let you achieve this in a fun and less time-consuming way. What makes it even more enjoyable is that everyone who participates is aware of the nature of the event, and thus, even with sexual tensions, anyone can get away with whatever happens and laugh it off.

A Russian woman will feel safer knowing that most of these events are held in popular dating venues. While it’s frightening to meet strangers, there’s at least the knowledge that there are many of you around. Plus, knowing that you will be guided throughout the event and that someone will have your back whenever you start to feel uncomfortable or threatened feels reassuring.

3. They can have a better outlook regarding which person they connect with the most.

For Russian women, dating one guy now and another guy the next five minutes is such a quick and great opportunity to meet real, genuine people. No virtual date can compare to a real-life human connection.

These events revolve around introductions to people who have the same goal in terms of connecting with a potential partner. Perhaps it is rare to instantly find someone you can click with, but at least most of you can go home with a real story to tell.

One thing you need to know about these events is that people tend to feel pressured given the short amount of time, so they cut to the chase and focus on having deeper conversations instead of the usual small talk.

First impressions are crucial, so it’s likely that participants will be opening their doors for plenty of potential partners in the long run. They intend to meet more people in a single night rather than go on dates for a period of months in several Russian cities or other foreign countries.

The Right Way to Do Speed Dating

Now that you know what draws Russian women toward this type of dating arrangement, which is also true for men in Russia, you might want to try it for yourself and see why it’s a great opportunity for you to find your match. However, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. If you have already signed up, make sure that you show up. The organizers try to balance the number of men and women who will be attending, so they need to rely on your appearance.

2. Arrive early, and if it’s allowed, stay afterwards to mingle some more. This is so you can have more time to talk to single Russian ladies.

3. Realign your focus when talking to women. While you should be able to impress them with your best qualities, you should also make an effort to make them feel valued — despite the limited amount of time you have.

4. Some say that it’s like you’ll be shopping for love, so you will want to make yourself interesting enough to be considered as an ideal option.

5. Don’t take everything too seriously.

6. Be genuine.

7. Be appreciative. Avoid sharing negative comments about the other attendees.

8. Follow the rules. When the bell rings and it’s time to rotate, do it. If you’re meant for someone, they will choose you no matter how short the time you spend talking to each other.

9. Don’t be judgmental.

10. Don’t get drunk. You may not have the chance to correct bad first impressions.

11. Take notes as you may forget who you initially liked.

12. When in doubt about someone, go for the next person on your list.

13. Although bringing flowers is always a good idea, it’s not ideal for such an event — unless you’re ready to buy a LOT of flowers.

14. Inquire if the ladies who will be attending speak English, and if a translator will be available.

Although speed dating is pretty common in the United States, you should still be open-minded about the whole thing. You might see a lot of Russian women dating western men these days, but it’s not enough to assume that you can be just as lucky. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind as you look forward to possibly finding your future Russian girlfriend at any of these exciting events.

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