Does Time Apart Strengthen Relationships with Russian Women

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Take some time for yourself when dating a Russian woman to help your love grow.

There’s a lot of men that want to be with a Russian woman. Then there are the guys who actually went out and did it. They said the tender words in Russian and convinced a gorgeous woman from Russia to be with them. Now they’re going to be together forever, like all the cards and cakes say.

But just because you want to be together forever with her doesn’t mean spending all your time together. Just because you’re dating a Russian woman doesn’t mean you have to be around each other all the time. There’s a lot of good reasons to spend some time apart.

It can be hard wanting time apart from each other, especially since you were probably in a long-distance relationship prior to your cohabitation. But the thing is that being able to have a life outside of the romantic partnership is good for both halves of the couple. Sure, it can be difficult to part with her stunning Russian beauty, but it can be good for you.

You guys can exchange all the romantic expressions in Russian that you want when you’re together, but there are times when you should be away from each other and there are a lot of good reasons for it.

1. Breathing Room

Look, going from being in a long-distance relationship to living together doesn’t mean that it’s going to be domestic bliss moving forward. But going from zero to sixty in two seconds flat in a relationship can cause some whiplash. The Russian love can take some getting used to, especially when it goes from being something that’s halfway around the world to being in the same room as you.

Getting acclimated to another person’s presence can be an adjustment and there’s going to be some growing pains as maybe your paramour brings over some aspects of Russian culture in a space that you’ve had as exclusively yours for a long time.

All the Russian love quotes in the world aren’t going to stop two people from being somewhat annoyed by each other. But things will settle down eventually and couples generally acclimate to one another.

So taking a few minutes out of the day to be away from your partner can help you decompress from the stress that the growing pains are putting on you.

2. Indulging in a Hobby

There are some hobbies out there that are best done alone. Maybe you like to play single-player games or woodwork or some other solitary activity. The thing is that these are not the type of activities that would benefit from having a partner around.

But maybe you like doing these activities. It’s not an indictment on your relationship that you enjoy doing things by yourself. It just means that these things are fun and that you enjoy doing them.

Or maybe you just enjoy something that your partner is not a fan of, like combat sports or action movies. You want to keep enjoying these things without subjecting your girlfriend or wife to something that she doesn’t enjoy, so you indulge in them alone.

3. Fun with Friends

The thing about people is that they usually have lives. They have families and friends and romantic pursuits. People have full lives that don’t necessarily revolve around their romantic relationships.

You might have this as well. Sure, the Russian woman that you’re with is the sun, the center of your solar system. But sometimes, you have to see how the moon and the other planets are doing.

Sometimes, you just need to hang out with your friends. Yes, your romantic relationship is important, but it’s not the only relationship that you have and it does not have the exclusive rights to importance.

Plus, if you have relatives, time apart can help you indulge in some family life.

4. Decompress

Regardless of the relationship, couples will fight at some point. It’s a perfectly normal thing in a relationship for a man to fight with his long-term partner. Fighting doesn’t mean couples don’t love each other. It just means that they’re people and people sometimes disagree with other people, even the ones with whom they’re in committed romantic relationships.

So don’t worry if you and the beautiful Russian that you’re courting have a tiff. It’s not a death knell for the relationship.

However, while fighting is normal, it can get pretty mean. In the course of that fighting, you or your partner can say something that you don’t really mean. You just want to say something that will get an emotional reaction out of them without any thought to the emotional impact of the words.

This is why time apart can be important. Being alone during a fight can help a person see things from the other person’s point of view. It can allow them to build an apology should something unwarranted leave their mouth.

5. You’re Still a Person

It’s fun to watch movies and it’s fun to be in a relationship most of the time. But the thing about couples is that there are two people in them and those two people are still their own separate individuals.

Because you are still your own person, you’re going to need time for yourself. Beyond reasserting your own identity, there are people out there who just need alone time and those people are introverts.

6. It’s Self-Care

People can be stressful. You can love them and they can love you right back and it’s great and it’s lovely and you’re generally having a good time surrounded by life, laughter, and love. But it can still get overwhelming.

No matter how much you love something, too much of it can be overwhelming. Which means that you’re going to have to want to spend time alone just to get a breather. This allows a person to center themselves so they can put themselves back in the headspace to receive all the good that life is tossing their way.

Love is one of those things that can be unpredictable. You can love someone from afar but maybe they’re not as great up close. Or maybe you like them even more.

Living with someone can be unpredictable as well. Maybe it’s great to be around someone ninety percent of the time when you’re at home. But it’s the remaining ten percent that’s important here.

Everyone needs time apart and alone. It’s not a terrible thing for couples to have full lives outside of the relationship. Your love is not diminished in any way, shape, or form because you find yourself needing some time away from the Russian woman that you’re with so that you can hang out with your friends or just be alone.

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