Talking About the Past with Russian Women

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Here are the topic do’s and don’ts when
talking about the past with Russian women.

Whether you like it or not, relationships end. Even worse, the breakup might have even messed you up. Being hurt by the person close to your heart leaves a scar that no replacement can heal. When dating Russian women, make sure that you have already dealt with your past so you don’t have to carry any baggage as you start a new relationship.

Like any other woman who wants to be serious with you, your Russian woman would want to know your past. Naturally, you’d want to learn about her previous relationships, too. Talking about exes is perfectly healthy, especially when you are both comfortable talking to each other about anything. Here are some reasons you should talk about your romantic history:

You become less inclined to repeat your past mistakes

It’s important to not repeat what didn’t work in your past relationship, especially when dating your Russian sweetheart.

It reveals the real you

If you want to know how to please a Russian woman, start with being sincere and genuine to her. Impulsively comparing her to your ex is a big no-no. When you broach the subject about your ex, do it in a way that doesn’t trigger her insecurities. Doing so can even help you find more about yourself, especially your flaws which led to the breakup.

But having that conversation can be tricky. Sometimes what you may think is a harmless thing about your ex may seem like the opposite to your date. If you just make sure that what you now have in the present is more valuable than what you had in the past, then she won’t feel threatened by your previous relationship.

It engages you for open communication

One of the best Russian woman dating tips is to be completely honest, even with your romantic history no matter how bad it was. When you are able to reveal your weaknesses to her, she will feel more at ease with you. There isn’t any rule about being always the man and the strong one.

But of course, make sure the time is right or you’ll make her feel like you’ve never gotten over your ex yet.

It helps you move forward

Falling in love with a new person will help you move forward and build something new. When you share the lessons you learned about your past relationship, you help yourself start over again.

What to Talk About Your Past Relationship

One of the things to know about dating a Russian woman, like any other woman, is to know when to share and how much. When dating Russian women in St. Petersburg, bring, here are ways you can talk to her about past relationships :

Do share about information that would affect both of you

It’s natural that you wouldn’t want to ruin a perfect relationship by not opening up about your past. But when it comes down to the truth, you need to tell her crucial things she needs to know—no matter how awkward it will be.

Of course, that should be when you’ve already gained the confidence to talk about anything to each other. This is especially necessary when you have health conditions that affected previous relationships (or were even triggered by it). Anything that can potentially impact you both, it’s important information to share.

Don’t compare her to your ex

Dating a Russian lady from the Soviet Union, you need to steer clear from any impulse of talking about your ex in a nostalgic way. This will make her feel insecure, that you still have lingering feelings for you ex. Seriously, never draw parallels between your past and current lover.

Do talk about what you learned

You’re in the modern Soviet era, so be extra honest and let your new lover know about what you learned from the past. Of course, you don’t have to go into complete detail, but do care to talk about what you learned from it. Let her see how much your past has made who you are today in a good way.

Don’t blame or trash talk your ex

Obviously, when you talk bad about your ex like blaming her for the breakup, it just means how unhealthy your past relationship was or that you don’t take enough responsibility for it. Your new date will think she’ll end up the same way as your ex.

Do talk about your cheating history (if you have)

If she discovers this piece of information from someone else, she’ll immediately lose faith in you. It’s better you admit this mistake to her wholeheartedly than letting her hear it from other sources.

But admitting the truth is just the start of being more transparent. You should also prove to her that you don’t cheat anymore, and that you stopped doing that at an early age. Don’t just tell her that you have already grown up from the habit; prove to her, as well.

Don’t be secretive about your breakup details

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that reveals a lot about you. Being vague or secretive about your breakup will make her feel suspicious. What is there to hide? When she asks how your previous relationship ended, don’t avoid the topic and just be honest. This could even be your way to ask her about her past experiences with Russian men.

Do share your financial situation

Sometimes, one of the biggest reasons for the breakup is your financial situation. It may be uncomfortable talking about your debts history or credit score. But if you already trust your new lover and you look forward to having a serious relationship with her, this will be a necessary topic to discuss.

Make sure that she’s okay with whatever financial situation you are currently in. Being honest about this early on will help you both see if you’re financially compatible with each other, which will really prove an important discussion in the long run.

Don’t say you’re still connected to your ex

If you’re still connected to your ex, it’s a clear sign you haven’t yet gotten over your past. Maintaining mutual friendships with your previous lover is a good thing, but not to the point of running in the same social circles. Make sure you’ve kept a respectable distance with your ex before dating Russian women. (Note: The only exception to this rule is when you and your ex have children.)

Don’t waste your chance with Russian Women. Make sure you do the ex talks the right way!

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