Online Dating Conversation Starters with Russian Women

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Start a conversation to start dating a Russian woman

There’s a lot of guys that want to find Russian women for marriage. The thing is that a Russian woman, being Russian, is most likely to be found in Russia. That’s not a problem in and of itself. The problem therein is that many of the men who want to date such a woman are nowhere near Russia.

Of course, the digital age has made it easier to traverse geographic boundaries. It’s not altogether unheard for man to connect with someone online and then subsequently start dating a Russian woman. Sometimes, they turn those women into Russian brides.

There’s some good reason for the appeal of women from Russia. Russian beauty is pretty notorious around the world for being exemplary. Russian women features are quite exceptional.

Of course, just because the connections happen online over the internet does not mean it’s not dating. If you want to start with your own brand of Russian dating, a move has to be made. It’s like chess. One player has to start the game before the other can make their move. A lot of the time, it’s on the man to make the first move.

There’s a lot of ways to make the first move, a lot of lines to open up with. But the thing is, a move has to be made. No journey ever got completed without taking a first step.

  1. Sign Up
    Because the first step is extremely important, it’s absolutely vital to actually sign up for an online dating service before you start thinking of opening lines. It doesn’t matter how witty or clever the lines you come up with are if you never actually put yourself in a position to try them out.
    So before you start crafting your quips, make sure to find the right platform for you to begin and hopefully complete your romantic journey. There are a lot of platforms out there and one of them may be the one that leads you to the one.
  2. A Joke
    Humor is important in dating. Not to mention that being able to crack a joke is a great way to make people feel safe and secure. Laughing makes people feel at ease and people can become more accepting of romantic overtures when they feel as if they’re at ease.
    Also, there are women out there who want a partner that’s funny. They want someone that they feel comfortable enough to laugh around. So if you want to be with a Russian woman, making a few jokes and hoping they land might be the best way to go. Humor is very subjective and cultural, so the jokes that go over well with your friends may not go over well with a foreign woman that you’re trying to date.
  3. A Factoid
    One great way to open up a conversation with someone you want to start dating is an interesting factoid. Some women want partners who are smart, and knowing some obscure bit of trivia can be very great at looking smart. Sure, knowing some obscure bit of trivia may not make a person smart, but it can be great for seeming smart.
    Intelligence can be alluring for some people and being able to seem at least somewhat intelligent can be pretty helpful for dating. Of course, maybe learn about some Russian culture because that’s probably going to play well with your intended audience.
  4. A Question
    The thing about questions is that they’re versatile. If you want, you can be a bit forward and come out with a question that’s a little forward in nature. Or you can be a bit more reserved and decide to open with something a little innocuous.
    The great thing about questions is that they’re open-ended. One question leads to an answer and another avenue of conversations gets opened up with that answer. Asking a question can mean keeping a conversation open-ended, which means that you can keep talking to someone.
    The problem therein is that sometimes, it can get really tedious just answering questions. You want to connect with a woman, not give her a quiz that she has to pass.
  5. A Funny Image
    Similar to opening with a joke, sending a funny image can be a great way to use humor to open up a conversation. But again, humor is very much a cultural thing and things that Western audiences find funny may not cross over to a Russian recipient.
  6. A Cheesy Pick-Up Line
    There are some situations where pick-up lines don’t work. Conversely, there are some situations wherein they’re perfect, so long as they’re delivered with a hint of self-awareness. They can be a great way to show off that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you’re open to a little bit of self-deprecation.
  7. A Simple Hello
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s one of those things that should seem like an obvious maxim by which to live life, but plenty of people still seem to need reminding. A simple hello may not be the flashiest way to start a conversation. But it sure is effective, and it’s almost impossible to misconstrue a simple hello as anything other than a polite greeting.
    It’s an extremely neutral way to start a conversation, and the jokes and questions can come immediately afterward depending on how well the hello is received. If it’s well-received, then the conversation can continue. If it’s not, then the conversation can end without anyone being offended.

The truth is that there’s no secret to finding love. There’s no magic word that goes to make someone fall in love with you. There’s no incantation that is going to make a woman become completely enamored with you. Not to mention that the right thing to say can vary from person to person.

Getting to be with a Russian woman is certainly an appealing prospect for a lot of guys. But the thing is that being with a woman, any woman, may require talking to them and initiating a conversation can be a daunting thing. But it’s one of those things that has to be done in order to find real love.

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