Russian Phrases You Should Know Dating in Saint Petersburg

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Are you Russian? Do you have Russian ancestry? If either answer is no, you will have difficulty communicating while you are trying to get started dating in Saint Petersburg.

People born and raised in Russia are likely to speak Russian fluently, and immigrants who come from Russian families may not have perfect Russian, but they’ll probably have an understanding of the language by picking up bits and pieces from their relatives.

They’ll also have knowledge of things to know about Russian culture. Their knowledge may not be encyclopedic, but they won’t be completely lost if they were to find themselves dating in Russia.

It’s strange how communication works. You don’t have to be fluent in what someone is saying in order to understand the gist of what they are saying. Maybe it’s a matter of context. Perhaps it’s similar words. Regardless of the situation, fluency isn’t always necessary to understand. Even if you do not know the exact meaning of the words, you can deduce what someone is saying.

It does help to at least understand what someone is saying. It’s also helpful if someone understands what you’re saying. However, not everyone in Russia speaks English fluently. Although you may think what you’re saying is fine, they’ll hear nothing but incoherent gibberish.

That’s not a good omen for a potential love life you’re hoping to spark when you’re in Russia. While you may not become fluent in the language, picking up a few useful phrases can be pretty useful if you need to either get around or approach another person.

Plus, knowing some of the language can help you become more appreciative of Russian culture, which is something that women that you’re pursuing are going to appreciate about you.

The Basics

It’s important for you to know a few phrases in order to get around. Once you step off the plane, you shouldn’t just start giving pick-up lines. If romance is the main purpose of your trip, you’ll need to have a few basic phrases in your back pocket because Russia won’t simply be about meeting beautiful women after beautiful women.

Getting directions, ordering food, and possibly even finding out how much something costs are also important. A modern society comes with certain basic necessities and you’ll need some bits and pieces of the Russian language to get to those basic necessities.

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1. Zdravstvuyte / Hello

If only out of politeness, you will have to introduce yourself at some point. Therefore, knowing the Russian word for it may be helpful to you since you don’t want to appear rude, not to the lady you’re trying to woo or in front of her.

2. Spasibo / Thank you

In terms of basic manners, you should also learn spasibo, which roughly translates to thank you. You should thank somebody for opening a door for you, handing you something, or bringing you food just so you don’t seem ungrateful, which is a personality trait that Russian women dislike.

3. Menya Zovut… / My name is…

In Russia, you will probably have to introduce yourself at some point during your trip, especially if you plan on attending a social event to meet the women in Russia. In order to establish yourself as a romantic prospect, you’ll need to introduce yourself to them if you’re really serious about finding Russian women for marriage.

4. Gde….? / Where is…?

Although you can memorize a map of any city you plan to visit, that’s not realistic for most people. If you travel internationally, you can also use the GPS function built into a smartphone, but that is dependent on good wireless service, which may not always be available.

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Thus, you’ll need directions to the train station, your hotel, and even the nearest bathroom. It is very helpful to know how to ask how to find whatever you need.

You’ll also want to know the Russian word for toilet, tualet, if you want to avoid embarrassing situations while dating in Saint Petersburg.

Phrases For Dating

Now that you know a few basic phrases you’ll need for everyday living, you’ll need a few phrases that you’ll use when you’re on a date.

1. Chto vy mozhete posovetovat?/What would you like to drink?

A phrase like this will come in handy when you’re dating because there may be drinking involved on a date. It is possible to be presumptuous and order two of whatever you are drinking, or you can be considerate and ask her what she would like to drink.

2. Potantsuyem?/Would you like to dance?

You may find yourself in a nightclub with a girl you like. Your body may react to whatever music is playing and then you will want to dance, but since you are on a date, you will want to dance with someone. You’ll need to know how to ask someone to dance with you.

3. Mozhno tebya potselovat?/May I kiss you?

When a date goes well, you may feel the inclination to kiss the woman you are with. There are times when it just happens. However, you can also create that moment by asking.

4. Ty ochen krasivaya/You are very beautiful

If you want to know how to please a Russian woman, start by complimenting her, and it helps if you know what words to use in order to tell a girl that she is beautiful. It’s okay if you mispronounce the words, but the sentiment will be understood.

5. Ya lyublyu tebya/I love you

You probably won’t say this on the first date or the second date, but if it’s real, you will sooner or later. When the time comes, knowing how to say it in her language will be invaluable. Perhaps not on your first trip, maybe not even on your second. Yet, you’ll know when it’s right, and you’ll be glad to know how to tell her.

Words have power. In an instant, they can change the course of your life. It is therefore best to prepare the right ones ahead of time when you’re dating in Saint Petersburg, because saying the wrong thing can end what could have been your happy ending before it gets a chance to even get started.

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