What to Do Before Proposing to a Russian Woman

A photo of a man secretly about to propose to the woman he’s hugging
Here are some key reminders to take note
of before proposing to a Russian woman.

There comes a point in a relationship where a choice has to be made; to move forward, or end things entirely. This is generally where the topic of marriage comes up. Some men who are with a Russian woman may turn back because they can't afford to make the commitment, while others have decided that they want to move forward.

While dating a Russian woman may involve learning a few romantic expressions in Russian, proposing to one is going to be remarkably different.

It will take more than a few tender words in Russian to convince a Russian girl to get into a commitment that is ideally supposed to last a lifetime.

1. Make Sure Her Family is Cool With It

While the days of buying a woman for a few goats and a couple heads of sheep are mostly gone, at least in the modern parts of the world, the family-focused orientation of Russian love means that the family is going to have to approve of the marriage first, otherwise it won’t be allowed to happen.

2. Make Sure that She’s Cool With It

It’s not enough to get the family onboard with the prospect of marriage. It’s also important that the woman herself be open to the idea of walking down the aisle with you.

There’s usually a foolproof way of gauging how interested a Russian woman is in marriage. That method is by asking her if she’s ready to be married, or just discuss the future of your relationship. If she uses concrete terms, then it’s likely that she’s committed to the relationship, and possibly open to the idea of spending the rest of her life with you.

3. Ringing It

If both the family and the woman herself are down with getting married, then the next step is getting the ring. The current rule of thumb is that it should be around two to three months’ worth of salary. But that doesn’t really have to be the case. The money saved on the ring can go towards paying for the wedding instead.

4. Setting the Scene

When it comes to proposals, there are a few classic ways to go about it. Going on a romantic dinner where the ring can be found in a champagne flute or inside a dessert may go smoothly, but then again, the woman who is supposed to wear it might accidentally ingest it and now the couple will have to play the waiting game before she can put the ring on her finger. Of course, the ring will have to be thoroughly cleaned before it gets put on anyone's finger.

There’s also the issue of public or private proposals. Some people like it when a room full of complete strangers clap for them. This can be a little awkward, but some restaurants will offer a newly-engaged couple free dessert, so a little awkwardness might be worth it to get that free slice of cake.

Then again, some people would rather have an intimate atmosphere than free cake.

5. The Words

In a wedding, the couple generally reads their vows to one another. During a proposal, something similar can occur. The person doing the proposal can launch into a spiel about how happy their partner has made them, and then pull out the ring and pop the question.

There are some guys out there who are happy with a Russian woman. Some of those guys want to make the whole thing last forever. If you want to find your forever, sign up now and start meeting beautiful Russian women for love.

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