Preparing to Date Russian Women in Saint Petersburg

Man and Russian woman seated together
Be ready for when you find yourself with a Russian woman.

There are plenty of men all throughout the world who would not turn down the chance to date Russian women. In fact, some of them like that prospect so much that they turn to mobile dating apps in order to connect with such women. Sometimes, they succeed and match with someone.

The trouble comes when a man actually achieves his goal of connecting with a Russian woman. At this point, they agree to meet at some point in the future. However, even the best dating apps for men do not always help their users with their dates. They will help them make the connections, but that is it for them.

The thing about Russians is that there is a bit of a stereotype that the women are extremely beautiful. Gorgeous to the point that some men may find themselves not being able to think clearly (if at all).

But it is that lack of thought that can cause some men to fail when it comes to finding love. Dating apps can make the connections, but it is the people who make the relationships. Which is exactly why preparedness is important.

Being ready for a situation where you are caught off-guard can help you recover and find your footing, which can help you with your attempt at entering a relationship and falling in love and all that jazz. Here are some ways to get you ready to date with a Russian woman:

1. Get on a Platform

One important thing to do is to get on a platform. Between all the dating sites and apps available, there are plenty of ways to find a Russian girl to date.

But you have to take the plunge. It is not as if your soulmate is just going to teleport into your living room already head over heels in love with you. You are going to have to get on a platform and then get to work.

2. Expected the Unexpected

Picture this; you’re on a date with a beautiful woman. You’re walking along the banks of the Neva River. Then for whatever reason, you fall in the water and now you’re all wet.

By itself, water is not all that bad for you. In fact, in the right dosages, it can be pretty great for you. However, a large amount of water clinging to you and your clothes while you are on a romantic date is not exactly ideal.

In fact, being soaking wet is the opposite of ideal. Now, provided you survive the ordeal of getting kind of wet, you can either wait to dry off or return to your accommodations and change your clothes.

Which is why it is important to bring more than one really good date outfit. This is because you are going to want to look your best and you might have more than a few occasions to look your best.

Basically, take the number of occasions you expect to look good and then add one because you never know what kind of accidents will befall you on a date.

3. Spray some cologne

Listen, you are going to want to smell good if you want to make a good impression. If you want the Russian women to look back on their time with you and think they would not mind a little more time with you, you are going to want to smell good. This is because smell is closely linked with memory. So smelling good will help make fond memories. There’s also the fact that women have a more heightened sense of smell compared to men because they have more cells in the olfactory bulb (with a difference of 7 million cells).

If you cannot bring a bottle of cologne with you or if you forgot one, do not panic. Most airports duty frees have a decent selection of high-end fragrances. Maintaining proper hygiene while in Russia can also keep you smelling good for longer.

4. Whatever Medication You may Need

Human bodies are complicated and because of that, some parts do not always work the way that they should under ideal circumstances. But just because the body goes wonky from time to time does not mean that circumstances cannot be changed.

Lots of people take medication for all sorts of things and getting older means that the body breaks down a little faster. Which is why medication comes in handy.

So, if you do find yourself dating women who are probably younger than you, you’ll probably want to bring your medication. The last thing you want is for important parts of your body to stop working.

So if there are medications that you need, make sure that you have them with you so as to avoid tragedy. Attraction makes the heart beat faster after all, but that extra effort might be a little too much strain on some tickers. So go ahead and bring those pills for indigestion, food poisoning, allergies, and even for pain.

5. A Positive Attitude

One thing that most people need in order to properly date is a sense of optimism. Coming into a date with a sense of being defeated is not ideal. Other people will be able to pick on whatever vibe you are giving out and then match it.

If you go into a date without some level of optimism, if you come in already knowing that you’re not getting a second date, then you’re right. Conversely, your chances of making progress increase when you come in with some positivity.

So if it is possible for you to be able to hope for the best in the situation that you are in, you should absolutely do so. Coming in with a positive vibe will encourage the people that you are with to also be positive.

6. Social Cues

One great way to ready yourself to date someone is to check on their social media. The best dating apps for relationships generally allow their users to link their social media profiles on their page, so just click on those links and get to it.

It’s not an uncommon practice to read up on someone’s social media before you go on a date with them. A little light internet research can help you out in the long run.

Besides, lots of people like to put their personal information out there for all the world to see. There’s nothing wrong with taking a look since it’s already out there anyway.

7. Some Phrases

Unless you already speak Russian, you may want to arm yourself with a few essential phrases. Things like asking where the bathroom is and the directions back to your hotel or something. A few phrases can really help you out.

Trying to be with Russian women can be difficult. Between the travel and the potential language barrier, there are a lot of obstacles. But these challenges can be overcome with a little preparation.

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