Dating Mistakes Men Make with Russian Women

Foreign man with Russian woman.
Avoid dating mistakes and find love.

For a lot of men throughout the world, Russian women are something of an ideal in terms of candidates for a partner. But the thing about such women is that they are generally found in Russia, which makes it hard to date them.

Dating is not exactly easy under the best of circumstances. Trying to date someone in another country is going to be even harder than normal. But just because some of the circumstances are abnormal to some extent does not mean that the dating mistakes men make are going to be all that different.

Mistakes are still plenty common in such scenarios. Making mistakes is one of the stages of falling in love. Not making any kind of mistake can make you look too perfect, and perfection can be a red flag in some cases.

Being too smooth can seem like a facade, like you’re hiding something. But too many mistakes can make you seem like you don’t care, and when you are with a Russian woman, you better prove that you care.

Understanding what the mistakes are can help a man avoid them when he finds himself in the enviable position of dating Russian women.

1. Being Too Accommodating

If you’re on a date with someone, you can’t just say yes to everything. You won’t get on her good graces by letting her get her way all the time. The worst case scenario is she’ll think you’re a doormat and take advantage of your giving nature

When you are on a date, be your own person. Make decisions even if she doesn’t agree with some of them. Sticking to your guns also shows you have confidence. Besides, even Russian ladies don’t want pushovers.

2. Not Being Accommodating Enough

On the flipside of that, not being accommodating at all can also be a pretty big mistake. Dating is a two-way street; it takes two to tango, so it’s not your way or the highway. Your date is going to have to have some say in how the actual date goes down.

Make sure to let the woman that you are with have some control over the date. After all, it is not just about what you want, it is also about what she wants. She’s probably going to want to do some things (or not) and you have to find it in you to be okay with that.

Relationships are about give and take. Not being considerate during the early stages of dating may be what stops a woman from falling in love with you. Conversely, becoming more generous towards your partner could be one of the signs a man is falling in love.

3. Not Practicing Good Hygiene

There’s something to be said about putting your best foot forward, and that is that you should do it as often as you can. But not everyone is fully aware of how they can showcase themselves in a positive light, especially when they’re about to meet someone new.

One way to make a good first impression is to practice some good hygiene. Showing up clean is a great sign that a man is genuinely interested in the person that they are with. It shows that they are willing to put in at least a bare minimum of effort in order to make the woman that they are with feel comfortable with them.

In fact, being worried about your level of cleanliness is one of many signs you’re falling in love with her. And if you make the extra effort of smelling nice and putting on a nice effort, she may even find you attractive. Which leads us to the next point.

4. Not Dressing Appropriately

If you are dating a woman who is from Russia, then chances are that you will be in Russia at some point in time. Now, the weather in Russia can be somewhat different than the climate that you are used to.

This part of the world is particularly cold during certain periods of the year, so make sure to dress appropriately. After all, you want to be comfortable when you are on a date. Also, wearing the wrong outfit can make you look a little ignorant, which can be a demerit against you in the eyes of the woman that you are with.

So when you do manage to land a date with a beautiful woman, you are going to have to dress appropriately. Not just for her sake, but also for yours.

5. Boorish Behavior

There are times when your behavior may not be at its best. No one is perfect, which means that no one can be the best version of themselves at all times. But that doesn’t give you the excuse to act rudely whatever the circumstances may be.

Being boorish is looked down upon in most circumstances. But obnoxious behavior is particularly terrible for you if you are on a date. No one is expecting someone who graduated from charm school, but most women are going to prefer it if the men they are with have at least some basic social skills.

So mind your manners so you won’t draw ire from anyone around you—nor the woman that you are privileged enough to go on a date with.

6. Loosen Up

When two people are dating, the point is that they get to know each other. But that is going to be quite hard if you are not relaxed. Being too uptight can make it difficult for a woman to feel like she is getting to know you.

If your date doesn’t get to know you a little bit, chances are she’s not going to think that you’re worthy of a second date.

So make sure to be somewhat relaxed when you are on a date. That way, she can feel like she’s building a connection with you. To get rid of any nervous jitters, exercise a little before your date. If you don’t have the time, allow yourself a glass of wine (but make sure not to get drunk).

The thing about love is that it is a precarious bridge to walk on. Sometimes, it might hold steady; other times, the slightest twinge may make the whole structure come crashing down.

But knowing the steps that should be avoided can be very helpful in crossing that particular bridge with Russian women.

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