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Win the heart of any Russian woman with our 5 simple dating tips.

There’s a lot of guys who want to spend the rest of their lives with a Russian woman. But not many of them know how to win the heart of one. They make their overtures, but those overtures are not exactly welcome. The problem is that a lot of them don’t know the rules of dating a Russian woman.

Dating in Russia isn’t the same as dating in say, America. The culture is different. The values that a Russian woman holds are different and as such, the things that they are attracted to are going to be different as well. Dating a foreigner isn’t the same as dating a local girl and the strategies will have to be adjusted to account for that.

But despite the strenuous process of wooing a Russian beauty, many men still try to pursue them nonetheless. There are, however, a few things that you can do to make the process easier. Some things are universal and others aren’t. Dating a Russian woman isn’t just about asking one out. It’s also about these other variables:

  • Be Confident
    Russian women generally like it when a man is confident. This doesn’t mean inflating your ego and turning into someone arrogant. Confidence is a turn-on, but arrogance is not. Walking tall and squaring your shoulders should be generally attractive to women, but having a swelled head is not going to turn any heads.
  • Know What You Want
    Playing around while dating is fine for some women. Some women want to date casually. But a lot of women in Russia aren’t into that. Most Russian women are for marriage and are looking for someone who wants to settle down. They want to find someone who is going to put down roots and partner with them for life.
  • Make Her Laugh
    Humor is a universal language and making a girl laugh is an almost surefire way into her heart. A full-blown comedy set is unnecessary and may be a little indulgent, but cracking a few jokes and being a bit witty will definitely go a long way to winning a woman over.
  • Learn the Language
    While humor may be universal, language is not. Dating a Russian woman is going to entail some level of communication and not every Russian woman is going to understand English. So whatever wisecracks that might be made might end up falling on metaphorically deaf ears. So it’s important to learn the language. Becoming fluent is going to be important in humor.
    But even with becoming fluent, there’s still a bit of practicality to it. A few phrases can go a long way towards displaying commitment. Learning a new language gets harder as you get older, but making the effort can at least make a person feel like their partner cares enough about them to learn.
  • Make Music
    Music is supposed to be the food of love. But it’s not just about playing the music. Studies have shown that people become more attractive if they play an instrument. Turning into a full-blown rockstar might be a step too far for some people, but learning a few chords can really help a person’s chances at winning the heart of a Russian woman.

Being a partner is about being open to the other person. It’s about making an effort to be someone worthy of love. Being with Russian women is not just about winning them over, it is also about keeping them.

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