How to Navigate Your First Valentine’s Date with a Russian Woman

 russian woman in pink sweater
Do you know what gift to give this beautiful Russian woman on Valentine’s Day?

Many of our fondest memories of Valentine’s Day go all the way back to when we were in middle school or high school. At the beginning stages of puppy love, we used to hand out secret notes and letters to our crushes, mostly containing the words “Will you be my Valentine?”

We have come a long way from those wild, exciting, and mostly awkward times.

Our sense of the day has since matured. You, as an independent man and contributing member to society, have a different understanding of the world. When it comes to romance, you understand that your worldview of dating should not be limited. You have been making strides in your dating choices, and in this case, are lined up to have your first date with a Russian woman, on February 14 no less.

The general rule is that dating a foreign woman often isn’t that much different from dating any other woman, especially if you both speak the same language. And while there is always going to be a level of discomfort, awkwardness, and mystery involved, those normally go away once you find that bit of chemistry.

But like all good gentlemen, you need to come to a date prepared. And if that date is February 14, then you have that date long anticipated. Unless you have dated Russian women before, or have spent a significant time in Russia, you may want to do some basic research. So to help you manage your expectations, let us go through what you may need to know to make your date a success.

Getting her the right kind of gift

Valentine’s Day will be forever linked to the giving of certain gifts like letters, flowers, and chocolates. So to go on your date empty-handed is a huge no-no. While there is a plethora of things you could give her that would put a smile on her face, the sheer number and variety of potential gifts could paralyze you.

It is also paramount that the gift you give her says the right thing. Remember, this is a first date, not a marriage proposal.

1. Flowers

Who would have guessed? While flowers are universally recognized as the safest, every-season thing a man can ever give a woman, they are especially so in Russia. It’s Russian-woman-courtship 101. Give her flowers.

While roses are always representative of Valentine’s Day, any beautifully arranged bouquet will snatch her heart. So don’t scrimp on some lovely flowers.

2. Chocolates and candies

It’s Valentine’s, so let’s get these things out of the way. Don’t settle for the cheap ones you see at your local gas station or convenience store. Get gourmet chocolates from a reputed chocolatier. While Russian women generally have high standards of fitness and are strict with their diet, they will almost never turn down a great box of sweets. And while they may blame you for ruining their diet, deep inside they’re as giddy as a bunch of kindergarteners.

3. A nice letter

Normally, you wouldn’t give just a letter, but pair it with one of your other gifts. But being that a letter is a requisite on Valentine’s, you might want to write one. The tricky part is what to write, which shouldn’t be too much nor too little.

You don’t need to go professing your eternal love for her which is, frankly, nonexistent being that it is your first date. You also don’t want to come off as emotionless and indifferent. So perhaps include a meaningful line from a poem, a harmless phrase in Russian, and express your happiness at the opportunity to go out with her on this day.

4. Other nice gifts to consider

The first three listed above are part of the standard Valentine’s package. If you choose to go with another, you will find that Russian women enjoy champagne, a good Vodka, cosmetics, being treated to cosmetic services like spas and massages, and many more.

Here’s what to remember about these women - they are quite modern and love to look good. If you were dating one full time, your list of things to give them may include clothing, more cosmetics, perfume, health products, and more shopping money.

A good question to ask yourself is should you give jewelry on Valentine’s Day? The answer, considering it’s your first date, is no. It’s too grand, too weighty a thing to give a woman you barely know. Reserve it for when your romantic relationship takes full blossom.

 traditional courtship
Do you want to have a romantic relationship with a Russian beauty? Don’t be afraid to go old school.

Show her your manly side

When you’re dating someone from Russia, it’s a good idea to show her that you’re the man, in a good way of course. These women enjoy a man who can take care of them. This is your chance to flaunt that ability. If you want to know how to please a Russian woman, it all begins with how you carry yourself.

So foot the bill, open the door for her, and don’t be afraid to go all out with the wining and dining. Most reputable restaurants get booked pretty quickly going into February, so if you have one in mind, then make the reservation as soon as you can.

Lastly, dress well. You need to dress like someone she would be proud to walk down the street with, while still being true to your own sense of style and self-expression. Remember this: Russian women like masculine men. Not a caricature of a manly man, but one who embodies the good traits of being a man.

Have a winner’s mentality

If this is your first time dating a woman from Russia, you may be experiencing doubts about whether you can pull it off. They’re known to be stunningly beautiful, yet quite strong. This is enough to intimidate any kind of man. But not you.

Remember, this is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when everybody is out for love. It’s a day when thousands of teenagers simultaneously mess up. It’s a day when thousands more fall in love. And when all is said and done, it’s a day when people take chances. So take your chance, and be proud that you did.

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