How and When to Define Relationships with Russian Women

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There are a lot of guys who want to date Russian women and many of them start out on a Russian dating site. A lot of these men succeed at it and then they decide that they want to do more than just date them. Sometimes, they decide that they want to commit to these relationships.

A committed relationship can mean different things to different people. Some relationships are platonic, some are familial, some are romantic. Within romantic relationships, there are levels to it. Some romantic relationships are more committed than others.

There are times when a Russian woman is just with a man to date him for a little while. Others aren’t just dating, but they’re not entirely sure what is going on with the relationship itself, and then there are relationships wherein both parties are fully committed but haven’t had a conversation about their feelings yet so neither is willing to take the next step.

Defining what the relationship is and what’s expected within it is an important step for couples. If either party wants to move forward, they need to know where the other stands.

All too often, one person isn’t in the same emotional place as the other person. One person can be under the impression that they’re on a path that leads to an altar and the other can see the relationship as a casual fling and is just there for a good time.

You may think that you know how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you, but then she’ll pull the rug out from under you and let you know that she’s already got one foot out the door.

While Russian girls dating around isn’t the norm, it’s also not something that doesn’t happen. Not everyone wants to get married and have children and have the perfect-looking family life.

A lot of people may suspect that perhaps they’re not on the same page as their partner, but they may stop themselves from saying anything out of fear of ruining the relationship. Others simply aren’t fully aware of the depth of their feelings just yet.

In any case, not defining a relationship means that the two people find themselves in this limbo where they’re not fully one thing but not fully another thing either. They’re not dating but they’re not engaged either.

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You won’t have a good time if you don’t define your relationship. | Photo by Samantha Kandinsky on Pexels

The lack of ambiguity is why defining relationships with Russian women is important. It lets people know where they stand and what their next steps are or if there is even a next step at all.

People also aren’t always aware of when and why they should define the relationship. People’s feelings have a tendency to complex and navigating them within a relationship that could one thing or another can be a veritable minefield.

Why Define a Relationship

There are a lot of reasons why people should define their relationships, especially if they happen to be romantic in nature.

  • Going forward

    Ambiguity can make things stagnant. Two people who haven’t talked about their feelings can find themselves falling into a rut because they’re not sure if their partner wants to take the proverbial next step in the relationship or not, especially if that next step is becoming exclusive as a couple.

    It’s also important to define the relationship so as to lay the groundwork for a potential marriage. Popping the question to someone who’s not committed to you is a great way to blow a wad of cash on a ring that doesn’t get used.

  • Peace of mind

    There’s anxiety that comes with not knowing. It’s the kind of anxiety that can gnaw on you and keep you awake at night.

How to Define a Relationship

It’s true that defining a relationship can be an emotional minefield. But emotional minefields can be navigated with a map.

  • Understand your own feelings

    Before you can define a relationship, you have to be able to define yourself. You need to know what your feelings are and how you see the relationship going. If you’re unsure about how you feel and what you want but you know what your partner wants, then you’re not being fair to that person.

    Understanding what you feel for the other person may take some introspection, but it’s a necessary step in order to move forward with the relationship or cut your partner loose so they can go find someone who isn’t going to waste their time.

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    If you’re dating in Russia, you’re going to want to know where you stand. | Photo by Samantha Kandinsky on Pexels
  • Be ready to have a painful conversation

    Defining the relationship can be a painful thing to do. A conversation can reveal things that can shatter an illusion that someone’s been holding on to. But painful conversations are an important part of growing as a person.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the chance that the conversation can end up being a pretty happy one instead. Maybe two people have been ready to commit to their partner but weren’t sure that their partner was ready to commit to them

  • Speak clearly

    When you do go ahead and define what the relationship is with the woman that you’re with, you’re going to want to speak clearly. It’s not difficult to misunderstand, intentionally or otherwise, when one person says something that the other doesn’t want to hear.

    Misunderstandings can be even more prevalent when there is a language barrier involved. It’s important that you’re understood when the time comes to answer the question of what the nature of the relationship is and what the future of said relationship looks like.

There are people out there who do not want to have a life centered around marriage and family. That’s their prerogative. But there are also people out there that do want lives centered around getting married and having a family.

Sometimes, the latter type of people find themselves in relationships with the former and because they both want different things, they can become unsatisfied with the relationship.

Which is why talking about what you want and what your goals are is all the more important, to make sure you don’t waste time in a relationship that’s destined to go nowhere. You’ll want to be with Russian women who want the same things you do.

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