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ThoLike Helen of Troy in Greek mythology, the Russian beauty could no doubt launch a thousand ships (and, quite possibly, a thousand planes in this modern time). Apparently, men from all over the world would go out of their way just to win the heart of a Russian woman. And although dating them has become more convenient through various online dating platforms, this does not mean that you’re guaranteed to date one without making much effort.

With the number of men in search of a Russian woman to date, you’ll surely have to go against stiff competition. Fortunately for you, here at we will not only help you find beautiful Russian women and narrow your choices down to those that are most compatible with you, but we will also help you win their hearts. You see, compatibility does not automatically translate to instantly sweeping her off her feet. Knowing the things that could impress her would likely give you a sharper edge against your competitors.

With all that said, here are a few things that will guide you in pursuing and successfully dating a Russian woman:

  • Be the kind of man she can depend upon
    In more poetic terms - be kingly. What does a king usually do? He rides into battle to protect his kingdom. They do so with all their might because when a king falls, so does his kingdom.
    Like the queen that they are, Russian women want a man who knows how to protect her; someone whom she can rely on; someone who fights for her and with her whenever deemed necessary. Once you commit to a relationship with a Russian woman, she becomes your stronghold. In return, she will be the queen who will sacrifice herself for her king.
  • Never disregard hygiene and grooming
    If you have ever encountered the famous saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” then you may want to apply that when pursuing Russian women. They want a man who is neat and takes good care of himself. Being neat and hygienic will certainly translate to your confidence and looks.
  • Be financially and emotionally secure
    You don’t need to have a thick wallet to be able to win the heart of a Russian woman. What they care about is not your wealth, but instead, it's your financial stability. You see, Russian women do not date men just for the sake of dating or for fun. They date for marriage. You don’t have to earn a lot. You just have to earn enough to secure your future family. Not only that, you have to be mature in handling life and the challenges that come with it. They need a stable man --- emotionally and financially. They need a man who is ready to have a family.
  • Be a family guy
    This is probably the most important thing to remember when pursuing any Russian beauty: be a family guy (no, not Peter Griffin).
    A Russian woman is raised to become a wife and a mother and what she will be looking for in a guy is someone who is as ready as she is when it comes to starting a family; someone who will become a dependable partner in life. For her, family is everything and she will do anything to keep it intact. Hence, she will look for a man who has the same dedication towards families as her.

The Russian beauty is no doubt a jewel in itself, not to mention all the qualities and traits that come with it. Any man would be lucky to be able to marry someone who is as beautiful and genuine as Russian women. So, if we were to speak, it’s your time to start dating one now and you’re just on the right site to start that adventure.

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