How to Dress for Dating Russian Women

Man in a suit sitting on steps.
But your best foot forward when dating Russian women by dressing up.

A lot of men find themselves turning to free online dating in order to take steps towards their goal of dating Russian women. Sometimes, these men succeed and achieve said goal. The problem is that sometimes, these men do not think far enough ahead to know what to do when they actually do manage to land a date.

But the thing about dating a Russian female is that there is probably going to be some intimidation involved, even if you met on one of those dating sites for singles where you do not actually see each other face to face until you are on the date itself.

The reason for that element of intimidation is because Russian women are pretty famous for being desirable. Whether it is true or not, these women have been stereotyped to some extent as being beautiful and passionate, blessed with looks that can drive a man to great lengths to be with them, even if all they see is a picture on one of those dating apps.

But for the guys that do manage to score a date with a Russian woman, they are going to have to do a few things to impress her. One of those strategies is to wear clothes and ideally, those clothes are going to match or complement each other in a way that makes the wearer look pretty good so they do not look too shabby.

But not everyone has the sartorial chops to put together a great ensemble. Not everyone knows how to put together the clothes and turn those clothes into an outfit. But there are a lot of resources for the fashionably challenged out there, such as:

1. Function and Fashion

When it comes to clothes, there is a belief that there is a stark divide between fashionable and functional. This is a false dichotomy. There are many clothes out there that are perfectly functional while also being quite dandy.

When choosing the clothes that you are going to wear, make sure to pick the clothes that are both comfortable and appropriate for the climate in which you find yourself. Looking good is important, but not freezing to death due to hypothermia is also pretty vital to dating.

2. Shoes are Essential

One of the most important parts of an outfit are the shoes. This is because people will look at you funny if you go into a restaurant barefoot. But they are also important because they are an essential part of an outfit. A stranger who could potentially become a Russian girlfriend may not appreciate it if a man walks into a nice restaurant wearing flip-flops.

When you pick a pair of shoes to wear on a date, it is important to remember that while bare feet are perfectly acceptable for online dating, dating in real life will generally require more thorough coverings for your feet.

A good pair of walking shoes can fit in basically anywhere and are comfortable enough that you shouldn’t feel any aches or pains when wearing them.

3. The Pants

Your pants are going to be important, largely because being in public while not wearing pants is misdemeanour in some jurisdictions. So it is important to pick the right pair of pants. A pair of blue jeans should be fine for most occasions, since blue jeans are pretty universal all over the world and almost every person currently alive either owns a pair, knows someone who owns a pair, or has seen a pair in some form of visual media.

But some suit pants might also be called for, especially if the date is going to take place in a location that is somewhat more upscale than a fast food restaurant.

4. Shirt

There are a lot of occasions in life where a T-shirt in a plain color will be more than enough to get you through basically any social situation. Most work days, a trip to the mall, the cinema, or the pharmacy, a vacation, and even some dates. The plain T-shirt is truly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that a person, man or woman, can have in their wardrobe.

As versatile as it is however, there is only so much weight that a plain T-shirt can carry. There are times when something a little more formal needs to be donned, like when you are on a date in a fancy restaurant. In situations such as that, it is generally best to put on a button-up or at least a shirt with a collar.

5. The Jacket

An important part of any ensemble is the jacket. A plain hoodie can work for pretty much every social situation barring the most formal ones. But since jackets are primarily designed to protect the wearer from being cold, this is one item of clothing wherein function absolutely has to win out over fashion.

It is fine to be more functional anyway, since most jackets are taken off indoors. So the jacket not being all that fashionable is not an entirely bad thing when dating Russian women.

6. Suited and Booted

If all else fails, there is one wardrobe staple that you can turn to and that is a suit. A suit and tie will work for almost anything. It can be okay for a formal date and if you remove the tie, it can be dressed down for a casual type of date.

It is often said that clothes make the man. There is some grain of truth in that. While the clothes themselves will not magically turn you into some smooth and suave ladies man, being comfortable and confident can help you be the best version of yourself that you can be. The clothes do not make the man, but the clothes can help the man make himself.

Dating Russian women is something that many men would like very much to do. But it is one of those things that requires a fair amount of confidence in order to even attempt. The right outfit may not create the confidence, but it can help to bring it out.

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