Benefits of Dating Younger Russian Women

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In our society today, we can notice a lot of couples, especially among Russian women, where the majority of their companions are older men. Some of you might be saying, “That's probably her dad,” or “He must be her sugar daddy."

Yes, a lot of men are dating younger women these days despite people on the streets commenting that these men are old enough to be these women's fathers.

According to surveys done in Russia, a lot of women, especially young girls, are looking for men with lots of life experience. They say that age gap plays a crucial role in a relationship. Some women say, yes, Russian men are handsome, full of energy, and sexually active, but the majority of them are immature, aimless, and stoned.

As a result, these ladies are in constant search for men who are more responsible and mature, and most of all, they want men who have goals and are committed to a relationship.

So, good news for all you men out there! Nature will always provide you with ways to find the perfect partner regardless of age. A lot of you may be skeptical, and whether you have already started dating someone or not, there are a lot of reasons and benefits of dating a younger woman:

Reason #1: They give you thrills.

Yes, dating a woman 10 years younger than you is quite exciting. Most men find this rebellious stage very enticing. There simply are a lot of adventures in store for you when you’re in a relationship with younger women. They make you feel spontaneous as you venture out to make new experiences.

Reason #2: They make you feel younger.

Who doesn’t want to feel young? They say you are only as young as you feel. When dating someone younger, you can inherit their aura of being wild and free. Just being in the same environment as them gives you a sense of fulfillment and joy, like when you yourself were young.

Reason #3: They are open to new things.

Younger women crave adventures in life. They are very open-minded and down-to-earth. They seek to try out new things that they haven’t experienced yet -- it can be sex-related, emotional, or physical stuff. Younger women are more likely to expand their knowledge and are always willing to explore.

Reason #4: They make you feel wanted.

Men have pride, they want to feel wanted whenever they're in a relationship, and that’s the reason why they mostly prefer to date someone younger. Younger women are still naive and seeking guidance, so your life experiences will play a crucial role during the early stages of dating one. Men like being the one their partner calls for help, protection, or advice.

Women of the same age, on the other hand, tend to grow independent because of the challenges they face while living. They can make a man feel useless because they can easily solve their problems without his help.

Reason #5: You have the same maturity level.

A lot of women say that men have the maturity of a child. It is a fact -- men almost never develop mentally, which is one of the reasons men want to date younger women. The possibility of getting the same vibe and worry-free life with someone younger is all they have to live for.

This simply makes men feel that younger women can understand them better.

Reason #6: You don’t have to worry about commitment.

There are a lot of men who are not exactly mature enough to handle a serious commitment. It means that they have to step out of their comfort zone and face the challenges that come. It is quite scary for men when they are not ready yet.

Compared to women full of life experiences, younger women don't have problems with commitment. Younger women just want to have fun, or have flings or hookups with no commitment issues. They are still looking for their identity and are fine if things remain casual.

Reason #7: They are easier to control.

Yes, younger women are easier to control compared to mature women. In a relationship, a man must be in control, otherwise it will emasculate him.

Men, by social standards, must be the pillar of every relationship. Younger women, without putting up much of a fight, will agree with all the decisions you make. With respect to your life experiences, they know that you know better. Mature women, however, tend to seek control over the relationship because they won’t settle for less.

Reason #8: You don’t have to fear intimacy.

As mentioned, younger women are okay with things being casual. They just want to have fun and explore more in life. Some younger women are not ready to settle down until they are in their 30s or 40s.

Reason #9: You can make others jealous of your young, hot-looking girlfriend.

This highlights all the reasons why you should date younger women. Men love to brag, especially to their friends.

Spoil her rotten if you can and show her all the love you can give to make her fall in love with you more. Your friends will be like, “How did you manage to score a beautiful lady like her?” Men love to hear these kinds of questions, believe it or not, and it can increase a man’s testosterone level and ego, and that always feels good!

Essential Key to Dating Younger Women

When you date younger Russian women, see to it that you can keep up with their energy levels. It can be tiring, painful, and it can make you regret your life decisions.

Don’t put up false bravado when dating younger ladies, they will always be able to tell. According to statistical analysis, successful age gap relationships have a lot more to do with the preferences and energy levels of men.

The best age gap for a long lasting relationship would be if she is 10 to 20 years younger than you are. That way, for her, you are not too old, nor immature enough to be in a relationship, but still have enough energy to explore lots of different adventures.

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