Simple Steps to Attracting Beautiful Russian Women

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Make yourself more appealing to Russian women so that you can date one.

A lot of guys are out trying to find Russian women for marriage. But the thing about trying to find someone for marriage, or even dating, is that the attraction has to be mutual. Sure, you can find some Russian women that you’re attracted to, but they have to be attracted to you in some form in order for a relationship to blossom. They have to learn how to attract a woman, Russian or otherwise.

Attractiveness is important in a relationship. This is because a Russian woman is a person and people generally need to find something about someone that is attractive in order for them to want to date that person. This is important for people who want to hitch themselves to Russian brides.

But, not everyone considers themselves attractive. The fact of the matter is, however, is that everyone has some trait that other people may feel is desirable. It’s just a matter of finding that trait and then making a point to highlight the aforementioned trait.

There are also some behaviors that a person can change to be more attractive to members of the opposite sex. Nothing major like a personality overhaul, but a few little tweaks that can be made in order to be just a little more desirable to women equipped with Russian beauty.

Russian women features can be pretty overwhelming in terms of beauty, but there are some things that you can do to kind of measure up to those features.

Straighten Your Stance

Height is something that women find attractive in men. Studies have shown that when it comes to men, women have a preference for men who are a little bit taller and not just a little taller either. Some women have a rule that the guy they date has to be taller than them barefoot while they’re in four-inch heels . Now, the fact of the matter is that only about 14 percent of American men are going to be six feet or taller.

But there is some good news here. Just because you don’t hit that arbitrary number of six feet tall doesn’t mean that you can’t attract a woman that’s towering with or without heels. You can still be attractive to the women in Russia without the height that only a small percentage of men are blessed with.

One thing that a guy can do is to stand up straight. You may not be tall, but if you stand up straight, you can look tall and project the confidence that tall guys just seem to naturally have. Plus, standing up straight can give off the illusion of being tall without actually being tall.

Not to mention if being tall really is that important to you, you can slide some hidden lifts into your shoes that can add about 2 to 3 inches in height.

Smell Good

One thing that a lot of guys neglect when it comes to dating is their scent. Alternatively, they go the opposite route and go completely overboard with the cologne before a date.

But the real trick about smelling good is about being subtle about. One or two pumps of cologne is enough to give your natural scent a subtle boost. Also, using a good, fresh-smelling soap during a shower can help to make sure that you don’t smell terrible so that you can start dating a Russian woman provided one finds you attractive.

So don’t go too hard on the cologne but do make sure to scrub hard with a bar of soap or some body wash. Also, a good aftershave can really make a difference because there are some aftershave scents that are really masculine and a lot of women like that masculine scent. When you shave, use an aftershave that she'll like the smell of.

Learn Some Facts

Respect is important in dating. One great way to show a level of respect and effort that other guys might not is to learn about Russian culture. Some other men might learn a few factoids about how to pick up women, but some of them will ignore the larger culture in which the women they’re trying to pick up grew up.

So learning a couple of things about the culture can help you stand out because it shows that you’re willing to put in the extra effort and a lot of women find that attractive. It might also be a great indicator that you’re capable of paying attentions.

Have Some Quips

The thing about being funny is that it’s attractive. Women just seem to respond well when a guy can make them laugh. Even a guy who’s physically impressive can become attractive just because they’re able to make the people around them laugh.

So make sure to have some quips ready to fire off at a moment’s notice so that you can be funny when the occasion calls for it, because being funny is attractive and being attractive is exactly what you want when you’re trying to date Russian women.

Show Off a Talent

If you have any kind of musical talent, like the ability to play an instrument and play it well, it might be a good idea to show if off as being able to play a musical instrument is one of those things that is just plain attractive to a considerable amount of women.

So if you can bang the drums or strum on the guitar, do so because being able to can help you in your dating life.

Be Confident

One thing that’s almost universally seen as attractive is being confident. This doesn’t mean being arrogant. Arrogance as a turnoff is almost as universal as confidence being attractive.

So try to be confident if you can and try to fake it until you convince yourself that you actually are confident.

There’s no real formula towards being attractive. Being six-foot-two with a chiseled jaw, sculpted shoulders, and washboard abs is pretty appealing to so many people that such appeal may seem universal, but it’s not. Some women have different preferences. Then there are the women who want to be with someone for their personality.

So if you want to start dating Russian women, do a few little tweaks that can increase your chances and make you a more appealing mate to them.

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