5 Body Language Cues to Use When Dating a Russian Woman

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Language shouldn’t be a barrier in your pursuit to meet and
date a Russian woman.

A lot of men from around the world fantasize about dating a beautiful Russian woman. But then they’d have to deal with the reality that not all Russian women can speak or understand English. So it would be an effort to learn a bit of Russian just so they can communicate with a Russian lady. And if you believe you’re up to the challenge, you’ll definitely make a good first impression and have better chances at landing a date with a Russian woman!

Even if you try to learn their language, it’s understandable if you’re not fluent all the time. You might know a few tender words in Russian, but not enough to sweep your Russian love off of her feet. Even those who do know a bit of Russian may find themselves intimidated by a Russian beauty. The women there are simply stunning and they can surely leave one tongue tied.

But just because you can’t verbally express your sincere affection in Russian, it doesn’t mean you’re incapable of communicating at all. There are a few ways to let a woman know that you’re interested in her romantically, and one is through body language. Thus, the following cues may help you out even more:

  • Chivalry Lives
    Being a gentleman is pretty simple, wouldn’t you agree? You can just pull up a chair and open doors for her whenever you enter and leave a restaurant. Sure, she’s perfectly capable of doing these things on her own, but there’s something special about having someone who cares enough to do it. Plus, it will definitely show that you’re into her.
  • Smile
    The simplest way to let someone know that you are fond of them is to smile. A smile is pretty universal, after all. But it has to be a real smile, the kind that reaches one’s heart.
  • Head Tilt
    Dating a Russian woman will generally involve some level of communication. You may not speak each other’s languages, but that’s no reason to zone out.
    So to compensate, tilt your head in her direction when she’s talking to indicate that you’re listening to her intently. Sometimes communication isn’t all about talking. In showing your interest while listening, it’s enough to let anyone know that you genuinely want to be part of the conversation.
  • Right Angle
    At times, a simple head tilt might not be sufficient. If you’re seated side by side, angle into her. Realign your posture so that you’re comfortably facing her way. Making an effort to show you’re interested in talking to her will definitely earn you some points.
  • Relax
    Another great way to use nonverbal communication to your advantage is by relaxing. Adopting a relaxed, open stance is a great way to let someone know that you’re comfortable with them.

Most people generally talk on a first date as this is how they get to know each other and form a connection. But not everyone gets to have that. Sure, a translator can be there, but a third wheel can sometimes kill the mood.

But the words that are spoken are not the only form of language available to a suitor. You can always use body language to let a Russian woman know that you’re romantically interested in her. Who knows, if your relationship works out, both of you will have learned each other’s languages better and no longer have any type of language barrier to deal with.

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